Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot how all the Wiley's are feeling. The AC fan is broken. These past two days I am reminded how difficult it is for me to sleep in warm weather. Pray that a new fan won't cost an arm and a leg. Anywho... It seems as though every time I write a post a significant amount of time has passed. Sorry! 

Sam has finally gotten scheduled for his clinical rotations. We will be heading to Baltimore and then New York. I am very excited that we will get to reconnect with friends that we haven't seen in quite some time. This whole process has had me from the depths of despair (waiting, waiting, and more waiting) to extreme jubilation (finally getting scheduled). I am extremely thankful for my Ross family for putting up with my craziness. I vented to them mostly because they know all to well how "the man" keeps us down.

We aren't pregnant. My post from last year seems so premature, but the feelings are still true. It has been over a year and I'm still not pregnant. I had been late in January, but that was due to stress. So I keep thinking of cute ways to let everyone know and each time I get my period. Mothers Day and Fathers Day were bad. I listen to a radio show that gets syndicated throughout the US, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Kellie Rasberry is on the show and she has had problems with infertility. She mentioned how hard Mothers Day is for someone struggling to get pregnant. I cried. I never would have imagined that would be me.

So that brings you pretty much up to date.  Stay tuned for me freaking out... How am I gonna put a house into a Mazda 3? Two more weeks til Baltimore!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Team Wiley Christmas 2011

We took this picture of Ursula back in September. (Note- Her ball baby is close by.)

donning our fabulous Team Wiley shirts


Fancy probably did something to show her hatred for having to sit in the family portrait.

Ursula looks thrilled.


This is the one we used.

Chewbacca is our angel.

Ursula stealing all the attention away from Fancy.

Merry Christmas everyone! Love the nurse (Kris), the hospital administrator (moi), the doctor (Sam), Ursula, and Fancy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Posts in Two Days

That has to be some type of record right?  No.  Normal?  Whoops!  Anywho, you have to back track to check out my Dominica Day 4.  It has a lot of pictures.  Which, let us be honest, one of the main reasons you read blogs... for the pictures.  I'm not judging.  I do the same thing.  Hope you enjoy.  (Coming soon... I'll post our Christmas picture.  You know you are eagerly awaiting it.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Been Too Long....

Bad blogger.  I've been purposely avoiding you.  I've been holding a lot of stuff in. Well, sorta.  Someone hurt my feelings.  It doesn't matter who or what was said.  All that matters is that I felt like I was kicked in the gut.  I really hope this person didn't mean what they said.  Perhaps they just got flustered and spoke.  I really hope that is the case. What is sad is that I don't know.  I should know.  They are supposed to be my friend right?  Anywho, I have had time to calm down, reflect, and have decided to dismiss the whole incident.  On top of that, I am anxious about Sam taking his test.  I know he will pass, it is just the waiting for the confirmation.  In addition to these things, cancer has been on my mind lately.  A friend was diagnosed with their second type of cancer and another with their first.  In a discussion with my friend who will beat cancer twice, I mentioned how once you are diagnosed you are overwhelmed with emotion.  One of the feelings I felt was to live life.  I mean really live it- not worrying, being appreciative, doing things to make you happy, etc.  Being almost a 3 year survivor (yay!!), I feel I have lost some of that.  I'm sad that I did.  I don't want to be regretful.  Anwyho, enough of the mess in my head!

On a lighter note, Katie is giving away another blog makeover to celebrate her grand opening.  In addition, she is offering $25 off any blog design purchased before January 5th (Ring a bell? Eek!! 33 years! {i had to edit this, I posted the wrong age. Damn, getting old sucks.}).  Visit to learn more details.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Interrupt 10 Days in Dominica...

YAY!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new blog design! Thank you so much Katie. I am very thankful for your hard work. :)

Soooooo.... I think we are bad luck for the house. Seriously. A couple of weeks ago we had the exploding stove top range. Cha-ching. This week it was the sewer line. Cha-ching. Spending money on home repairs is not fun, in case you are wondering. Spending about 4 days living with your parents is not fun. Okay, some of it was- no cooking, no cleaning, getting spoiled by your mom.

Hate to cut this one short, but I want to crochet (I also have taken up scrap-booking! Crazy crafty me!) a bit before a coffee date. I promise to get back to the 10 days in Dominica challenge. My favorite trip is a three way tie and I'm having to get all the pictures together!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Days in Dominica- Day Four

What has been your favorite trip?

Um, so I have three. Here they are in chronological order-

1. WET Dominica ride, Batibou Beach, and Pagua Bay

our ride

Batibou beach

another view of the beach

Pagua's awesome view

Sam and I

2. Scott's Head, Trafalgar Falls, and Screw's Spa

calm Caribbean


Caribbean on left, Atlantic on right

Ana, me, Jacki, Keira, and Joleen at Trafalgar Falls
relaxing at Screw's Spa

3. Silks Hotel and River tubing


river behind Silks

 the group before floating

I was continually attacked by the environment.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I had a wonderful time on all these trips and the others that are not mentioned.  Not only because of where we went, but because of the lovely ladies that went with me. 

10 Days in Dominica- Day Three

How does the weather affect you?

I thought I was prepared for the weather in Dominica because I'm from Texas. 100+ degree days are common in West Texas. Bring it. Yep, I was wrong. I was not prepared for the humidity. It was awful, but I got used to it just like the rain. (Texas readers, it is the wet stuff that falls from the sky.) There were times that it felt like it rained for days on end. It was tough at times, but you just find ways to deal with it. If you need to stand in front of your fan in your underwear, you do it. If you are starting to get down when it has rained for the 89th day in a row, talk to your girls.